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Ainara Alducin

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My name is Ainara, I've been working with CSP for almost 2 years now and recently got certified! I love CSP and believe it's a great tool for any business. I've personally really enjoyed getting to know and understand the system in depth and I know I can be a great asset for any client looking for help. <br /> <br /> Email me to book!<br /> <br /> You can check out my website here:<br /> <br /> I have a PDF with details on pricing. Please email me and I will send it for you to check out my rates 🙂

Calendar & Appointment Setup

This includes a custom, branded landing page for your calendar, a Workflow with confirmation and reminder emails and SMS. Guidance to integrate your Google Calendar to CSP if needed.

Email Template Design

Simple template you can use for your ever-day emails. Email layout, branded colors, suggestions on structure and graphics.

Lead Magnet Setup

I will help you create a promotional graphic for your social media pages. This also includes a branded landing page, a custom form to collect lead information, a Workflow to deliver your lead magnet.

Funnels and Website Design

I specialize on creating eye-catching landing pages and websites. My goal is to make sure you look your best for of potential clients so you can reach your business goals.

Get A Custom Quote

I specialize on creating eye-catching landing pages or websites, making sure leads can easily book an appointment with you, helping you build out your own Lead Magnet, creating unique email templates and designing event registration workflows.

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